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The All In Franchise Marketing Software

The Marketing Software for Multi-Locations!

Enhance your online presence, boost your reputation, and effectively manage your social media presence across multiple locations.

Reviews help with…

Search Engine Optimization

Feedback and Enhancement

Company Competitive Edge

Review and feedback management platform

Review Management Software

Grow customer retention. Enhance trust and boost your sales by leveraging customer feedback.

By leveraging the power of technology, our software aims to enhance


For Franchisors, Franchises, Small Businesses, and Corporations.

Grow Your Online Presence

Brand Management

Share reviews on your website

Highlight five-star feedback by showcasing new reviews on your website. Convert first-time visitors into repeat customers with glowing testimonials front and center.

Reporting and Analytics

Use reviews to improve Google ad performance

Incorporate your Google star rating into your search ads to enhance trust, boost click-through rates, and optimize your PPC budget.

Marketing Automation

Address issues when they arise

Transform negative experiences into positive ones by proactively addressing customer issues.

Review Management

Craft Responses

Harness the power to efficiently craft professional responses to your customers’ reviews.

Meet Susie Liberatore | Founder

Franchise Clarity - Review Management

After more than 13 years of experience in the marketing industry and running her agency called Visions2images, she decided to specialize in the franchise sector. Her focus shifted towards working with franchisors, and took charge of marketing for multiple locations across various brands. 

Throughout the interactions with numerous franchisors, she noticed several gaps that needed to be addressed. Despite our efforts in monitoring and managing marketing activities, there was still a disconnect between franchisors and franchisees. 

It became evident to that there was a void waiting to be filled. Drawing upon our extensive research and expertise, she embarked on creating software specifically tailored to address these concerns. As the idea took shape, people responded positively, affirming its value.